Healthcare has become one of the hottest topics of American policy and politics. The practice of medicine is changing year by year and becoming more intertwined with other fields including economics, innovation, law, and public health. 

Medical students tend to be educated in basic sciences with little interdisciplinary exposure.  Even as student doctors, we feel a moral obligation to aid in developing an effective system for our future patients.  The first step in completing this lofty goal is simple:  we need to learn about the system, and its intricacies, to know it.  

Physician Executive Leadership (PEL) is dedicated to building the next generation of physician executives and leaders. To do so, we provide a platform for our students to learn the extra-clinical foundations of medicine.

Based at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University, we work with nationally recognized leaders in medicine, policy, and business to learn about how the system works, how we can fit into it, and how we can change it.

PEL is student-centered, student-led, and student-driven. We understand that eventually, today's students are going to be tomorrow's healthcare leaders. We will be responsible for our shared system, so we’d better start figuring it all out now.