Breaking The Silence: Hearing And Changing The Story

The complex problem of substance use disorder has existed as a major public health problem in our society for many years, in many iterations. Most recently, the abuse of opioids has caught national attention as drug overdose rises to the number one cause of accidental death in the country. Are we, as medical students, adequately informed about the many facets of this problem and its origins? In First Aid, the disorder is covered in one definition (see below). As doctors, will we know enough about this seemingly intractable issue to screen for it and treat it appropriately and effectively in our communities? In this Article of the Week, Kaitlyn Dykes reflects on these themes in a piece for PEL's student-run journal, the Diagnostic. To further explore these topics join us tonight at 5:00 pm, 

in Connelly Auditorium for our next PEL large group event, Channeling your Convictions: Leadership in Addiction Medicine with Joseph Skrawjewski, MA, MFTI (snacks provided). PEL will also be hosting a networking event afterwards at Strangelove's (discounted menu) that all are invited to attend!  

Article: Breaking the SilenceHearing and Changing the Story 

First Aid Definition of Substance Abuse Disorder: Maladaptive pattern of substance use with 2 or more of the following signs in 1 year: tolerance, withdrawal, substance taken in larger amounts or over a longer time than desired, persistent desire or unsuccessful attempts to cut down, significant energy spent obtaining/using/recovering from substance, important activities reduced because of substance use, continued use despite knowing substance causes problems, craving, use in physically dangerous situations, failure to fulfill obligations due to use, conflicts related to substance use.