Not So Sweet: The Influence of Big Sugar on American Perceptions of Diet and Heart Disease

September 19, 2016

An article published in this week's JAMA Internal Medicine outlines the ways in which the sugar industry shifted public discourse about heart disease in the 1960s.  A team of UCSF researchers analyzed documents from Sugar Research Foundation, which paid a modern-day equivalent of $50,000 to a team of Harvard researchers in the 1960s to focus scientific blame on saturated fats in the pathogenesis of coronary artery disease.  Of course, we now know that both fat and sugar intake play key roles in CAD; however, corporate interests still carry immense weight (pun totally intended) on food and public policy in this country. Just this week, the soda lobby sued the city of Philadelphia over an approved volume-based soda tax, which was issued to combat epidemic levels of obesity in the city.

Article: Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research