Our Physician Leaders Next Door: The Rothman Institute

August 22, 2016

In less than two weeks, the NFL season opener kicks-off and the physicians at Rothman Institute are busy preparing the Philadelphia Eagles for the new season: helping players recover from multiple injuries including one hairline rib fracture and ACL, hamstring, and quadriceps injuries. Additionally, this past month, the US Woman’s Gymnastics Team, also cared for by the Rothman Institute, took home the gold medal at the Rio Olympics. Beyond being a leader in sports medicine, physicians at Rothman Institute are leaders in orthopedics clinical research and innovators in advanced modalities—no small feat considering orthopedics is a competitive and inventive field. One article describes new, trans-disciplinary work published in orthopedics this July, covering diverse and exciting topics including: bariatric patient care, use of magnetic resonance imaging to predict postoperative injury, opioid addiction risks in adolescent athletes, and progress towards lab-grown cartilage for patients with hip injuries (to name a few). As SKMC students, we are extremely fortunate to have the chance to learn from the internationally recognized Rothman Institute.

The leader of this orthopedics powerhouse, Dr. Alex Vaccaro, is speaking this Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. in Forderer Auditorium (snacks will be provided)! Dr. Vaccaro will discuss the foundational strategies and skills that it takes to run an accomplished practice as a physician leader. He is extremely successful inside and outside of the operating room, having authored over 500 peer-reviewed articles, served as President of the American Spinal Injury Association, and led the largest orthopedic center in Philadelphia since 2014. The Rothman Institute is consistently ranked as the finest orthopedic practice in the Delaware Valley. Come to this event and learn about being a physician leader, running a practice, and the intersection of clinical medicine, research, and business!

Article: July 2016 Briefing- Orthopedics