Rethinking How We Produce Health: Back to Basics

November 2, 2015

Esther Dyson is an angel investor and former journalist whom Forbes has named one of the most powerful women in American business. After having made countless numbers of investments in various Internet-based and technology companies, she now has her sights set on improving American health care. She thinks we can reduce spending on health care not through more legislation, but rather through actually improving overall community health. Dyson's newest venture is called HICCup and its largest project is called "The Way to Wellville." As an investor, Dyson wants to show that it's in everyone's best interest to put money into educational and preventative programs, with the return on investment coming in the form of improved public health and decreased preventable spending. Showing the impact this can have in a small town can hopefully incentivize and inspire implementation of such ideas on a larger scale and translate to communities across the country going forward.

Article: How to reduce the amount of money Americans spend on health care? One community at a time