When It Comes To Bugs V Drugs, The Bugs May Be Pulling Ahead

October 19, 2015

Medical revolutions don’t always come to the tune of microchips and computer screens.  As we move forward in a system designed to save costs and reduce waste, we need to turn a critical eye to how we use antibiotics. If we can eliminate (or at least reduce) overprescribing, we can not only save money but also improve our patients’ overall health. We’re already seeing the price of excess antibiotic use: according to an article in Time last week, over half of all post-surgical infections are caused by antibiotic-resistant organisms. Can human drug innovation continue to outpace nature’s clever survival mechanisms? Only time will tell. This article suggests we might want to start thinking about changing our practices before we find out.

Article: http://time.com/4075590/deaths-caused-by-antibiotic-resistant-bugs/