Democracy In Practice: Comparing The Healthcare Policies Of The Candidates

Yep, it's that time of year again.  Attack ads crowding the broadcast breaks of your favorite sporting events?  Everyone on Twitter is suddenly even more opinionated about everything?  Saturday Night Live is actually funny again?  A major election must surely be right around the corner.

There was a great article from In Training this week comparing the healthcare policies of the two candidates.   As you can imagine, they are almost diametrically opposed on all issues.  Mr. Trump wants to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, while Secretary Clinton wants to expand it.  Hillary wants to employ telehealth initiatives for rural areas throughout the country, while Donald advocates for "Health Savings Accounts" to supplement high-deductible plans.  This overview from the Commonwealth Fund goes into the details of what the ramifications of each candidate's proposals would be.  Even if you selected your candidate months ago, take a second to read the position from the other side.

The most important takeaway from this Article of the Week is simple - exercise your right to vote!  Break out of the med school bubble and voice your opinion on the future of healthcare (and many other important issues) in this country.