How Doctors Could Thwart Health-Care Reform

As physicians in training, we conceive of ourselves in many ways - as future healthcare professionals, community members, and agents of social change.  When you think about your future as a doctor, do you think of your role as a political entity as well?

This article from the New Yorker examines the political influence of physicians and the American Medical Association on healthcare reform.  Following the appointment of Dr. Tom Price as the incoming Secretary of Health and Human Services, James Surowlecki argues that doctors have resisted healthcare reforms whenever their autonomy or financial interests are at stake.  Before the election, many news outlets reported patients' frustrations with doctors who would not accept their ACA-affiliated plans.  Many are wondering what changes will come to our country's healthcare programs, although some in the healthcare industry are optimistic that a complete overhaul is not in order.  

What role do you think that physicians should play in healthcare reform?  Ultimately, what impact will it have on our patients?

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