2019 PEL SUmmer Leadership Program

PEL is proud and excited to offer a fully-funded summer internship to students who wish to pursue projects in healthcare innovation. For 10 weeks during the summer between M1 and M2, selected students will structure their own internship working with a mentor of their choosing on a project of their choosing. Mentors may be internal to TJUH, or part of the broader healthcare innovation community, and should be identified by the student (though PEL is able to provide contacts and introductions where appropriate).

Projects should be well-defined, and should have a specific end-goal in mind: such as getting a startup off the ground, finalizing a research project, creating a new program or prototype, etc. The project should take approximately 30 hours per week to complete. Prior to submitting an application, students should identify both the mentor and the project, and should receive written verification of the mentors willingness to host the student’s work. Students are free to reach out to PEL for introductions and contacts prior to submitting an application.

In addition to the projects themselves, students who chose to remain in Philadelphia will have first access to events and opportunities identified for preclinical students through the Jefferson Innovation Pillar and through PEL.

All students participating in the PEL Summer Leadership Program will be expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Meet the project-specific end-goals laid out in the application (mid-August)

  • Read a text on leadership chosen by the Dean, and engage in either a written or oral discussion of the text for/with the Dean (depending on scheduling)

  • Present on the project and experience at a fall lunch session for PEL and representatives from Jefferson’s Innovation Pillar and Office of Student Affairs (mid-September)

  • Complete an online program evaluation (mid-August)

  • Provide evidence of continued feedback from the mentor (throughout the summer)


At the time of application, students should be first-year medical students at SKMC and in good academic standing. Applications will be evaluated based on:

  • The clarity of the student’s project proposal and the identification of specific end-goals

  • The presence of a written agreement from the student’s proposed mentor to participate in the program for 10 full weeks

  • The students’ prior work or extra-curricular experience in self-structured environments

Applicants will be notified if they have been accepted to the program, not accepted, or placed on a wait list. The number of students we accept is entirely determined on the total amount of funding we have to offer - students who are interested in completing their projects and participating in the program in the absence of funding should identify their interest in their application.

The application will be released in the beginning of 2019!