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What Is Physician Executive Leadership?

Physician Executive Leadership (PEL) is a student-founded, student-run and student-driven organization dedicated to teaching the extraclinical foundations of medicine, in order to build the next generation of physician leaders. Since it was founded in 2013 at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Physician Executive Leadership (PEL) has provided medical students with a platform to learn how the healthcare system works, how we fit into it, and how we can change it.

Our aim is to provide students with (1) the foundational knowledge to effectively work and lead in today’s complex healthcare environment, (2) opportunities to cultivate their interests in all aspects of healthcare, and (3) guidance from leaders and innovators in evolving fields integral to medical practice.

The beauty of PEL is that we will be what you make us. We want to give flight to your healthcare interests, with the hopes of making you a more informed physician that is more than capable of leading our future. We are often taught about the importance of being a "lifelong learner" in medicine. This is your chance to start that process right now!  

PEL Credit Structure

Here's how PEL membership works. Throughout medical school, you earn PEL credits by participating in the organization. This can take many forms:

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Writing for the Diagnostic

The Diagnostic is an entirely student-run journal with articles about topics that students find interesting. If you are looking for a way to explore your interests - say, by making the economic case for long term care reform - this is the space for you. Guidelines for writing and submitting a Diagnostic article are included here.

Applying for the Exec Board

PEL cannot succeed without the interest and enthusiasm of its members. If you are passionate about educating yourself and others about healthcare, this is the group for you. Applications will announced this coming fall!